4 Common Geyser Problems and Their Solutions


Geysers have become one of the most common and important appliances seen in every household. Geysers help heat water within no time and store water for a required time.

However, continuous use of the geysers without regular maintenance can lead to certain problems which require essential skills and tools to be sorted out. On the other hand, you can book professional geyser services in Johar Town Lahore so that your geyser can again provide you with hot water.

The Most Common Geyser Problems & their Solutions

Some most common geyser problems that can deprive you of hot water in this cold weather and their possible solutions are given below:

1. Continuous Leakage

Sometimes, there appears water in the surroundings of your geyser. This may be a sign that your geyser is leaking. A little bit of leakage is normal, but if it is creating a pond around it by wasting liters of water, it is an issue worth considering.

Most of the time, this problem is due to the malfunctioning of the pressure control valve. It may not be controlling as well as managing pressure effectively. In this way, the water comes out of it leaving your geyser tank emptying in a shorter time.

As a result, you have to burn more units of electricity to fill your geyser again and again so that it can provide you with a sufficient amount of warm water. This will ultimately enhance your electricity bills. If you want to save a hefty amount of your money, you should fix the valve as soon as possible.

For this purpose, you can check the valve yourself and fix it if you have the necessary skills and tools. Otherwise, you should book geyser services in Johar Town, Lahore, for a long-term solution.

2. Overheating

It is one of the most common mistakes you can experience now and then. You may consider this problem a minor one, but it can not only overheat your water but also can lead to exploding your geyser.

You can notice this problem by observing if the steam is coming out of the geyser with water or not. You can also check the heat of the water by touching it, but it can lead to burning your hand. If the water is too hot to touch, it is clear that your geyser is overheating the water that can be harmful for your body.

This may be due to a faulty thermostat that continuously increases the water’s temperature without reaching the required temperature.

If you face this issue, do not just wait and watch. Turn your geyser off and book professional geyser repair in Johar Town, Lahore.

3. No Hot Water

Sometimes, you open your shower and get a shock because it is pouring cold water on your body. If it happens now and then, you should check the geyser circuit breaker to see whether it is tripping.

If it is tripping, you should reset the circuit breaker once, switch it on again and check after some time if it is heating the water or not. If yes, then go and enjoy the luxury of hot water. On the other hand, if it is still not heating the water properly, then the problem lies somewhere else you can not find.

It can be a faulty thermostat that cannot heat your water properly or can not heat it at all. To deal with such a problem, you should book geyser services in your area. Professional geyser technicians know how to identify the exact issue and rectify it effectively.

Remember! Do not try to resolve your issue on your own until you have the essential skills and tools; otherwise, you may make the situation even worse. You may break the interior setup of your geyser that can result in wastage of more time and money.

You can book a geyser service online by typing “ geyser services near me” in your search bar. There will be multiple options from which you can choose the best one by comparing their services and costs.

4. Too Much Noise

When the geyser is on, you hear some sounds because the machinery inside it is working to heat the water. Most of the time, these sounds do not bother too much and are bearable, but sometimes it becomes impossible to sit by the geyser due to too much noise.

The sounds coming out of the geyser become annoying.  One reason for this problem can be the accumulation of sediment in the tank. You should clean the tank and remove all the sediment from the tank to resolve this issue.

Another factor can be that your geyser is installed near your sitting area, due to which a normal sound may seem to be annoying for your ears. To get your geyser installed effectively, you should book a professional geyser installation in Johar Town Lahore.