5 Digital Marketing training ideas to develop your business

More than a third of marketers say that getting enough budget to carry out their mission is already a challenge in itself (source: HubSpot). And this is indeed an observation that we make regularly at Ad Premier: the most effective digital strategies involve an initial investment that is not accessible to all companies.

Faced with this observation, we had two options:

  1. Reserve our expertise for companies with the largest marketing budgets
  2. Find a way to get around the budget constraint to allow as many people as possible to benefit from best practices

If we tell you about it on our blog, you can imagine it, it’s because we chose the second option. An orientation that was made possible thanks to the opportunity represented by online training.

After several months of work (and years of experience!), we are now able to offer you a training catalog that covers the basic needs of companies to develop their business through the Internet. Each of these training courses is provided by an expert in the field, in addition to being fully fundable by the OPCOs (this is the case for 90% of the companies we support).

Since it seems that you are never better served than by yourself, we wanted to give you the concrete means to deploy your own digital marketing strategies independently and to make your actions profitable with results that are close to those that an experienced provider could obtain.

The objective is to give you the keys to inject performance into your business thanks to digital levers. But, depending on the type of activity you carry out, these keys can mobilize certain levers more than others.

So, to help you position yourself on the specialty best suited to your needs, here are 5 essential areas in which you can improve your team’s skills, 5 training ideas to give new impetus to your business:


  • SEO: to regularly attract visitors to your site thanks to pages optimized for Google
  • Google Ads: to generate qualified leads and accurately measure your return on investment
  • Community Management: to develop a growth strategy on social networks
  • Social Ads: to boost your business with advertising campaigns on social networks
  • Social Selling on LinkedIn: to target your B2B prospects and set up a prospecting system
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SEO: to regularly attract visitors to your site thanks to pages optimized for Google

SEO referencing, which is also called natural or organic referencing, is the main source of traffic for websites. It consists of optimizing the pages of a site according to the criteria of search engines (therefore essentially Google) to position the site as high as possible in the search results displayed to Internet users.

For once, this visitor acquisition channel is as old as the web and, even today, it generates 300% more traffic than social networks. Not to mention that, the visitors that it leads to a site are relatively well qualified, since they have clicked on this site with the aim of obtaining a response to a need that they have previously expressed in their research.

For many companies, SEO for lawyers therefore represents a priority opportunity to attract new prospects each month. But SEO is also a very codified lever, where performance involves obligatory passages.

Our training in this area will teach you in particular to:

  • Develop a keyword strategy tailored to your business goals
  • Write content that meets the expectations of the Google algorithm
  • Master the main technical optimizations to implement on a site
  • Use the right tools to support your SEO strategy

After learning the basic SEO skills, you will be able to start driving qualified traffic to your site within weeks.

And, the advantage of SEO is that its effects are cumulative. The impact of each new action carried out will be added to the impact of previous actions, until one day your site becomes an essential growth factor for your company.

Google Ads: to generate qualified leads and accurately measure your return on investment

In digital marketing, it is often customary to present SEO in parallel with SEA, which is the “paid” counterpart of search engine optimization, in other words, advertising. Here again, it is Google which attracts most of the interest, since it has a 90% market share in France.

Thanks to Google Ads, it is therefore possible to buy for your site the first positions of the search results on the keywords that interest you the most. Which means that with SEA, you can even position yourself above the best SEO results.

But, today, Google Ads is far from being limited to a keyword approach. The diversity of channels linked to Google’s advertising network and the increasingly advanced AI tools thus make it possible to generate qualified traffic without necessarily going through the “keywords” box. It is also one of the main challenges for beginners to manage to operate a good arbitration between the different possible strategies on the platform.

Whether you are an e-merchant or a service provider, our Google Ads training courses will teach you how to identify your best opportunities on the platform and how to design your own advertising campaigns. The ultimate goal is to give you the means to control your return on investment. Because it is precisely one of the strengths of Google advertising to offer solutions to precisely measure the performance of each campaign.

With a few hours of training (possibly financed by your OPCO) and a little practice afterwards, you will be able to broadcast your first profitable advertisements to attract your target to your offer.

Community Management: to develop a growth strategy on social networks

Along with search engines, social networks represent the other major source of digital growth for businesses. Today, most consumers connect their daily and interact with brands and distributors related to their interests.

But who says growth of social networks also says diversification of these social networks and their own uses. So, it is sometimes difficult for companies to know where and how to position themselves in this Social Media landscape.

Each platform has its own characteristics and meets specific objectives. But there are also common rules, essential principles for addressing your audience on social networks, regardless of the platform. It is precisely on this double requirement that we can train you.

Your social pages are a showcase for your business. Learning to target and manage your audiences on the platforms that suit you means gaining credibility, visibility and attractiveness.

Social Ads: to boost your business with advertising campaigns on social networks

If your existing offer has already proven itself with your target market, you might want to broaden your horizons and move up a gear. This is where advertising on social networks is particularly interesting, even necessary to overcome the limits of organic communication.

As long as you know how to create ads that work on PPC for Home Services, implement relevant advertising strategies and analyze your performance indicators, the Social Ads channel can change your prospecting scale in a few weeks. And, if you do not yet know how to do this, we propose to teach you:

With good support, a beginner in the field can quickly have the key skills to launch their first profitable campaigns on Facebook or Instagram, or even on social networks less used by companies.

As for advertisers who already have a minimum of experience, an increase in skills on certain more technical aspects can quickly unlock their results.

Whatever the case, our professional Media Buyers will be able to offer you a tailor-made training program to meet your concrete needs.

Social Selling on LinkedIn: to target your B2B prospects and set up a prospecting system

In the Social Media landscape, LinkedIn is a separate platform, which brings together more than 80% of French assets. Also, if you have a B2B target, this is a unique growth lever for you, capable of revolutionizing the way you prospect and the results you obtain.

By combining relevant communication in the eyes of your audience and a commercial approach based on the best digital strategies, you can transform your LinkedIn profile into a machine for generating qualified leads. This is the principle of Social Selling, a commercial approach based on the interactions that naturally develop on social networks.

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