A comprehensive Guide to buying Plasma Heating Machine


What is Plasma?

It is a well-known fact that all materials are transformed from solid to liquid and further to a gaseous state on increasing the temperature. If the temperature is further increased, we get a fourth state called plasma.It consists of free electrons and gas of ions. Most of the plasma heating is due to fusion reactions involving thermal plasma ions. The plasma heating technique is being used widely nowadays in various fields. It is not difficult to find a good plasma heating machine manufacturer if you spend some time researching online. 

The properties of plasma differ from other gases. Its motion can be influenced by magnetic and electric fields. This property is widely used in fusion devices by ensuring that the hot plasma is trapped in a magnetic field. This also helps in keeping it away from the material walls.

What is meant by Plasma heating?

On passing an electric current through electrical conductive plasma, a lot of heat is generated because of resistance. For example, a cooker hotplate. However, this method is suitable for initial heating only because the resistance decreases with an increase in the temperature.

Plasma heating machine finds use in waste treatment plants to dispose of hazardous waste safely. Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing a good plasma cutting machine:

  • Reliability – Make sure you buy a good quality plasma heating machine that has been tried and tested. It becomes all the more important as the machine is quite expensive. Moreover, you cannot afford any kind of breakdown while working. Go for a reliable brand for an efficient machine.
  • Voltage – Plasma heating machines come in three variants based on the voltage. The ones with 115 V are ideal for household purposes as they can be plugged into a normal electricity outlet. The bigger machines with higher input need a generator to run them.
  • Duty Cycle – Duty cycle refers to how much a plasma machine can endure continuously. A machine having a high duty cycle can be used for longer durations.
  • Weight – Plasma machines come in various sizes from smaller machines that can be carried around for any job or the bigger machines that are used for industrial processes. Keep in mind what do you need it for before buying as the lighter ones will not be able to cut through heavy waste.
  • Operating cost – The operating cost or consumption rate differs with different sizes. Check the consumption cost to save money later on. Some variants like Hypertherm plasma machines are expensive but save a lot of money afterward as they have a low operating cost. Think of all these factors while buying the machine.
  • Cutting Torch – Check the length of the cutting torch before buying. If you need to work with the machine in a big workshop, a longer cutting torch will be good for you. Choose a cutting torch that feels comfortable to hold as you will be working with it for long durations.


You can contact the plasma heating machine suppliers for more information before making a decision.