Bloomington bans retail sales of cats, dogs; shop founder displeased

Delilah's Pet Shop is seen at 2506 W. Third St. Under a new city ordinance, starting in 2023 the sale of dogs and cats will be banned at all Bloomington pet stores.

Beginning in 2023, Bloomington pet shops will be prohibited from selling cats and dogs.

The Bloomington City Council on Wednesday voted 8-0 to ban such sales because the law would “likely” decrease demand for dogs and cats bred in puppy and kitten mills, the law’s sponsors wrote.

“Decreasing demand is one component of reducing or eliminating puppy/kitten mills altogether,” according to the sponsors, council members Susan Sandberg, Isabel Piedmont-Smith and Dave Rollo.

Sandberg said in Wednesday’s council meeting the city ordinance came about because community members contacted council members to propose such a law. She said the majority of people who have provided feedback on the proposal said they support it. She also emphasized the law would not prevent people from buying whatever pet they desire from responsible breeders.

Stores that violate the law can be fined $500 per occurrence.

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