In present times, we are dependent on different technological gadgets, and also to meet our needs, technology has progressed by leaps and bounds. One such example of technological advancement is the electric bikes, more commonly termed as E-bikes that can already be seen zipping on the streets. It is one of the greatest initiatives towards green transportation of the decade. Although cycles in themselves are an effort towards a greener environment, electric cycles are a more practical approach as they use rechargeable batteries that allow you to travel much faster with a maximum speed of 45 km/hr. They are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and pollution-free transportation. You can buy the best electric cycle for yourself and get ready for the best ride. Here. We shall discuss the problems related to and advantages of E-bikes. 


BATTERY: It is the most vital part of an e-bike and is also most likely to be damaged as there are chances of moisture entering the battery in case you carelessly wash your E-bike without properly closing the terminals and inserting back the battery once it dries properly. Sometimes, carelessly leaving the bike ON may lead to the discharge of the battery to such an extent that it may not charge again. Extreme weather conditions also affect the battery negatively.

MOTOR: These consist of hub motors that may emit an irritating noise in case of worn-out gears, brakes, or bearings. Even a loose bolt can create a much irritating sound. At times, the motor may stop spinning which points to loose connections or some problem in the controller. 

WIRING AND CONNECTIONS: Sometimes due to more stress on the bike, it may make the inside connections weak that may lead to problematic functioning of the E-bike. You can avoid this by getting your bike inspected and repaired at regular intervals and undertaking the responsibility of proper maintenance of the bike.

THROTTLE: Not all E-bikes have throttle installed in them. But, the ones with a throttle system, are more likely to get damaged due to improper use of the throttle. It may lead to the breaking down of the connecting wire between throttle and motor. You must release the throttle quite slowly so that there is no stress on the wire and it does not break.


FAST AND FLEXIBLE: This latest technology gives you the extra oomph that you need to cover miles of distance with the least application of effort. You can take the advantage of multi-purpose cycle lanes and paths that are free from traffic problems and save a great amount of your precious time. These bikes are much similar to the normal cycles but are quite more durable and beneficial. 

NO COMPROMISE WITH FITNESS: Riding an electric bike does the same benefit to your health as a normal bike. The zest is that E-bikes help you ride longer distances of about 35km in a single charge. The throttle mechanism saves you from exhaustion while riding the bike. By cycling for so long distances, your endurance improves similar to the workouts you would perform in the gyms. This is a better way to stay fit as you are in the open, fresh air rather than the closed, fully-air conditioned gyms. 

ASSISTED BIKING: E-bikes have the battery-powered pedal-assist that boosts your pedaling. This reduces the burden on your thighs as well as knees. It even assists you to conquer hills as well, therefore, even inclines and terrains are no more a challenge for you with these electric bikes. With this, people of all ages can switch to riding these bikes for quite a long and more flawlessly.

CUT BACK EXPENSES: An E-bike in comparison to a motorbike is much cost-efficient and saves much of the costs in the long run. The motorcycles run on petrol or diesel that are quite costly and hence, it drastically affects your expenses. However, E-bikes work on rechargeable batteries that are quite affordable and cover about 50 miles in a single charge. So, a better way to invest your money in transportation is through e-bikes that are more advantageous as a whole.

NATURE-FRIENDLY: Global warming is a hot topic that is of great concern these days. Everybody needs to take an initiative and perform their part to conserve nature and save the earth from undergoing ecological imbalances. You can switch to E-bikes as they transmit lower pollution as compared to the normally-used motorcycles and cars. The energy consumed by them is hardly 150 watts which is on an average one-tenth of the energy consumed by a car. Consequently, the quality of air tends to improve.

WIDE RANGE OF DESIGNS: It has been quite a time since these electric bikes have been introduced in the market. In this context, the people have also shown an impressive response. 

So, keeping in view the needs and requirements of the customers, the company manufactures a variety of designs to accommodate all of your needs. Every day, there are new modifications in the model and a new model is launched with some more features. So, in case you have not found your ideal bike, you will surely find it soon. 

HELPS TO REDISCOVER THE TRAVEL IMPULSE IN YOU:  You can be adventurous at times too as simple always can be boring. Hit the streets at the maximum speed of your E-bike on a road trip and let you discover the travel impulse in yourself. You can try a new mode to go on vacation away from the city noise to the countryside on your E-bike. It makes you feel better, unravel the mysteries of nature as a bike rider, and discover yourself as well.

As electric bikes are a new concept, that is recently introduced in the market, the users may not be much aware of the ways of handling and maintenance. However, the sales are increasing and you can easily purchase a bike for yourself as there are several electric bicycles for sale in the market as well as online.