FinTech Firm Intelly to Unveil Blockchain-Based Property Investment Platform in July

GENEVA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Intelly, a future-oriented company that combines property investment and blockchain technology, is gearing up to launch its highly-anticipated real-estate investment platform in July, company officials said this week. Once it comes online, the platform will allow investors to participate in lucrative real-estate projects – both commercial and residential – all over the world.

“By combining our years of experience in the global real-estate market with a deep understanding of blockchain technology, we’ve created a platform that will solve many of the problems typically associated with property investment,” Intelly Founder and CEO Ismet Tasceken says.

The announcement follows Intelly’s successful initial coin offering (ICO) in January, which introduced its native token. The INTL token, which will be integral to the platform, is set to launch on a decentralized exchange later this year.

Bringing Property Investment into the 21st Century

Because real-estate investment is typically carried out domestically, investors are often prevented from taking part in lucrative opportunities abroad. “Since regulations vary from country to country, property investors have to hire consultants and lawyers to make sense of it all,” Tasceken says. “Our platform will eliminate these extra costs.”

With a wide knowledge of the industry, Intelly’s experienced team will provide platform users with the most attractive opportunities from across the globe. And although investment transactions typically require several days to finalize, Intelly’s easy-to-navigate platform will let users make their investments instantly – at any time and from anywhere.

The platform will also eliminate other problems associated with traditional real-estate investment activities, including those pertaining to entry capital, ticket size issue, liquidity, price fluctuations, security, and international fund transfers.

Fractionalization: Revolutionizing Property Investment

But the most exciting aspect of Intelly’s platform is its fractionized nonfungible token (NFT) infrastructure, which allows much smaller investment ticket sizes and lowering the required entry capital for investors substantially. This feature, according to Tasceken, “promises to open up a whole new world of opportunity to investors.”

For example, a real-estate asset worth $100 million can be “fractionized” on the blockchain, where it is then divided into 100 thousand parts of equal value. “These are then made available on the platform as liquid assets, and opened up to potential investors,” Tasceken explains.

This way, investments can be made anywhere in the world for as little as 0.1% of the asset’s total value. By fractionalizing large-scale investment, investors are able to access much smaller ticket sizes.

According to Tasceken, the fractionalization of real estate – a key component of Intelly’s platform – “represents nothing less than a paradigm shift in the world of property investment.”