Property Transfers Nov 13 | Business

Davis, Doris E. to Miller, Christopher Adam, Parcel County, $300,000.

Jackson, Jasmine and Jackson, Aundra to Lomax, Raa Keem Tyrell, Lot 34, Section III, Avondale Sub., $162,500.

R. T. Bailey Construction Inc. to Tickel, Robert W. and Tickel, Mary J., Lot No. 240, Phase V, Grand Harbor Sub., $372,000.

Bishop, Angie L. AIF and Bishop, Anna Madison and Long, Shelby L. By AIF to Engeler, Davis M., Lot No. 43, Block D, Milford Manor Sub., Phase I, $335,000.

Able, Joy and Boyd, Stanley to Pollard, Lacey H. and Pollard, Matthew R., Parcel County, $2,000.

Krebs, William F. III to Krebs, William F. III and Krebs, Roby L. Madison, Lot 3, County.

Burton, James A. and Burton, James Albert to Burton, Dayna C. and Burton, James Albert, Lot 76, Augusta Fields, Sub., Sec. 2.

Holland, L. Scott to Hendrick, Thomas N. and Hendrick, Michele E., Lot, County, $20,000.

Clinkscales, David Ervin to Faith Home Inc., Lots 45-47, North Riegel Street.

Brewer, Nikki E. to Nash, Justin D., Lot No. 8, Allen P. Fortner Sub., $141,000.

Clevenger, Shirley to Clevenger, Logan and Clevenger, Michael C., Tract 2, County.

Tolbert Investments LLC to Comeaux, Jerry R. and Comeaux, Vicky Jo, Lot 11, Karlie Hill Townhouses, Ph. V, $81,800.

Gonce, Tina Michelle to Smith, Tyler Gregory, Lot, Margaret Street.

Rivers, Jeffrey Scott and Rivers, Gregory N. to Smith, Kayleigh Grace and Cannon, Judith B., Unit 7, Timberwood, $155,000.

Crowe, Bonnie R. to Martin, Krystie and Martin, Timothy, Lot 101, Ninety Six Plant Sub., $85,000.

Boone, Joyce P. to Ward, Amy Haddon and Ward, Markus Shane, Tracts, County.

Driggers, C. Randy to Williams, Demarcus, Lots 44, 45, 46, 84 & 85, Section B, Subdivision Of Dan Richardson’s Estate, $21,000.

Williams, Demarcus to Williams, Stephenie and Harrison, Brandon, Lots 44, 45, 46, 84 & 85, Section B, Subdivision Of Dan Richardson’s Estate, $0.

Warner Commons LLC to New River Greenwood LLC, Parcel 4, County, $1,685,000.

Atlantic Coast Properties Inc. and Atlantic Coast Properties LLC to Burkett, Larry, Lot 37, Section 6, Belle Oaks Sub., $22,065.86

Cantrell, Dorothy A. Estate and Yandell, William A. Per. Rep. and Dorothy A. Cantrell Estate to Jones, Todd A., Parcel 2.70A, County, $165,000.

Woodruff, Thomas A. and Schwartz, Leslie A to Woodruff, Thomas A. and Schwartz, Leslie A., Lots 354 & 355, Ph. VII, Grand Harbor Sub.

Williams, Carolyn B. to Brown, Warren Perry Jr., Unit 6-C, Ph II, Quarterpath, $123,000.

Aiken, Suzette C. and Crawford, Suzette Elaine to Aiken, Suzette C., Lot 109, Druid Hills Sub.

Robinson, Tracee L. and Robinson, Sharie A. to 31 North Jefferson Street LLC and Thirty One North Jefferson Street LLC, Parcel County.

Yonts, Crystal S. to Patterson, Christopher Jason Lee and Patterson, Alyssa Young, Lot County, $14,000.

Boone, Terry W. and Boone, Anthony W. to Leverette, Dennis, Lot, County, $105,000.

Patterson, Henry A. to Patterson, Henry A. and Patterson, Doris J., Lot 6, Sec. D, Highland Forest Sub.

Leach, Neil J. and Leach, Brandi L. to Leach, Neil J. and Leach, Brandi L., Lot #33, Kirksey Forest, Phase.

Spivak, James F. Trustee and James F. Spivak Ventures Trust Agreement and Spivak, James F. Ventures Trust Agreement to Brocro Enterprises LLC, Lot 145, Sec. 2, Riegel Textile Corporation, $52,000.

Davidson, Charles N. Jr. and Davidson, Karole L. to Davidson, Charles Nelson Jr. Trustee and Davidson, Charles Nelson Jr. Revocable Trust and Charles Nelson Davidson Jr. Revocable Trust and Davidson, Karole Lee Trustee and Davidson, Karole Lee Revocable Trust and Karole Lee Davidson Revocable Trust, Lot No. 25, Phase I, Patriot Plantation.

Edwards, Carmen M. Per. Rep. and Mcdade, James W. Estate and Mc Dade, James W. Estate and James W. Mcdade Estate to Cobb, Thomas Jonathan and Cobb, Melinda, Lot 3, Grumbling Road, $169,900.

Hitt, Robert F. to Hitt, Robert F. and Hitt, Cynthia S. and White, Barbara M., Parcel, Damascus Church Road.

Lewis, Kelly S. Trustee and Ousley, Kimberly M. Revocable Trust and Kimberly M. Ousley Revocable Trust to KRP Property Holdings LLC, Lot, County, $480,000.

Coyle, Melissa Paige Rutland and Rutland, Melissa Paige and Rutland, Michael E. to Chandler, William C. Jr. Trustee and Chandler, Anne E. Trustee and Chandler Living Trust, Lot 9 & Pt Lot 10, Blk. I, Lakeshore City, $230,000.

Laughlin, John Roger to Laughlin, Joyce P. and Taylor, Heather Lake, Lot 24, Saddle Hill Sub., Ph. I & Parcels County.

Taylor, Heather Lake to Laughlin, Joyce P. and Alexander, Jennifer, Lot 24, Saddle Hill Sub., Ph. I.

Laughlin, Joyce P. to Taylor, Heather Lake, Parcels County.

Nash, Justin D. to Nash, Justin D. and Turner, June S., Lot 8, Allen P. Fortner Sub.

Cooper, David and Cooper, Kayla to Saggus, Ansley, Lot 31, Northfall Acres Sub, $225,000.

Allen, Jason to Double Gobble Real Estate LLC, Lot, New Market Street.

Willingham, Tammy R. to Mcfaddin, Peyton Bryce and Mc Faddin, Peyton Bryce, Parcel County, $135,000.

Jackson, Marcelina to Ivory, Ollie J. and Ivory, Jadaisha Regine, Lot, County, $15,000.

Zupp, Macon Elizabeth to Adams, Jennifer Lynn, Lot C-2 & Adjacent Patio, Heritage West Townhouses, $119,500.

Rahal, Ahmad K. to Mccaslan, Grant Edward and Zupp, Macon Elizabeth and Mc Caslan, Grant Edward, Lot 45, St. Andrews, Hunters Creek Sub., $288,500.

Smith, Mary F. to Blair, Krystle and Dendy, Aviss, Lot/Unit 30, Bradford Place, $90,000.

Morton, Derrick to Davis, William B., Lot 8, Wellington Green Sub., $212,000.

Payne, Shuntavious S. and Washington, Taikeymah C. to Round Two LLC, Lot County & New Lot B-3, Watts Bridge Road, $79,922.14.

Bannister, Larry Travis to Williams, Steven, Lot 354, Sec. 2, Mathews Plant Sub., $92,000.

Abney Mills to Greenwood Pathway House Inc., Tracts 1 & 2 County.

Elmblad, Jon Keith to Elmblad, June Alice, Lot 21, Sub. No. 3, Chinquapin Properties.

Stockman Lands Inc. to Greater Greenwood United Ministries Inc., Pt. Lots 3, 6 & 8, Blk. C County And Western Half Sanka Street.

Bell, C. Wayne and Bell, Patricia M. to Bell, C. Wayne and Bell, Patricia M., Lot 119, Belle Meade Sub.

Davis, Jessie Mae and Davis, Jessie M. to Davis, Melvin R. and Davis, Jessie Mae, Parcels County.

Crowe, Phillip M. and Crowe, Amber E. to Elmore, Kenneth L. Jr. and Elmore, Teresa B., Parcel 7.72A, County.

Rhodes, Lowrey Lindberg Jr. and Dellen, Pamela D. and Rhodes, Lowrey L. Jr. to Cooper. David J. and Cooper, Kayla J., Pt. Lots 14 & 15, Gin House Acres, $500,000.

Houck, Don M. to Fennell, Manuel I. and Fennell, Peggy, Parcels County, $60,000.

Sanders, Jonathan E. and Sanders, Amanda L. to Medlock, K. Austin and Medlock, Summer N., Lot 8, County, $21,000.

Watson, Carolyn Vernelle Watts to Going, Don L. Sr., Lot 0.65A Reynolds Park Drive, $35,000.

Hammontree, James F. and Hammontree, Joyce C. to Hammontree, James F. Trustee and Hammontree, Joyce C. Trustee and James F. Hammontree Family Trust and Hammontree, James F. Family Trust and Joyce C. Hammontree Family Trust and Hammontree, Joyce C. Family Trust, Unit 252, Lodge West Carriage Homes Sec IV.

Mccaslan, Grant E. and Mc Caslan, Grant E. to Sherrill, Charles Kermit II, Lot 34, Winding Creek Sub., Ph. II, $182,000.

Hicks, Virginia Marie and Hicks, James Franklin III to Sherrill, Charles Kermit II, Lot 233, Greenwood Mill Village Sub., $142,000.