The Many Uses of Stainless Steel Mesh

Let’s say you own or manage a business, and you’re searching for ways to secure your facility or property from intruders, thieves and even pests. What material are you going to use for securing your property? I strongly suggest you use steel mesh! According to experts, wire mesh or steel mesh is a factory-made product that’s created form intertwining wire mesh that’s made from low-carbon steel, high-carbon steel, copper, aluminum and nickel to form consistent parallel spaces with symmetrical gaps. Here’s a peek at a few of the many uses of stainless steel wire mesh.

What is Steel Mesh?

According to experts on construction materials, steel mesh is basically wire mesh that’s made by welding or weaving stainless steel wires. This makes it ideal for impact and cutting resistance, which are both critical considerations when selecting the right mesh material for fencing and security purposes.

So, how strong is steel mesh? Well, again according to our experts on construction materials, stainless steel mesh is tear and puncture resistant, has a tensile strength between 850 to 900 pascals, which effective prevents bullet shooting and knife cutting.

It’s also very resistant to severe circumstances like extremely high or low temperatures, high pressure, acids and alkaline solutions. It’s also highly resistant to corrosion and is durable due to a 16% or higher percentage of chromium. 

What Makes Stainless Steel Mesh Excellent for Business or Home Security

There are a lot of perks to using steel mesh steel mesh for securing the perimeter of your home or business establishment. For starters, it’s strong and durable. The properties of this material, especially its high tensile strength and durability, make it an amazing material of choice for withstanding high impact and break-in attempts. Why? Because this material is nearly impossible to cut, break, or even be torn apart by bullets.

Second, steel mesh can also double as a two-way mirror, which can provide you with a clear, unobstructed view of the outside world while stopping or limiting passerby and even potential intrudes from seeing (as well as going) inside your home or business establishment’s perimeter. This provides you with a better sense of privacy, as well as security. 

Third, steel mesh offers a lot of versatility, because it can be applied to different commercial structures and products. Examples of these include swing doors, sliding windows, folding doors, casement windows and more.

As compared to traditional steel bars, steel mesh exhibits a warm and more inviting feeling for passerby, visitors or customers. And, you can also customize it for your specific requirements in terms of design, size and color, to make your facility more aesthetically pleasing.

The Many Uses of Stainless Steel Mesh

Because of its endless applications as well as its strength, durability and design versatility, steel mesh has become very popular in the world of business and construction, as well as in private homes.

Whether you are planning to secure your office windows or doors, or you’re planning to put up a strong and sturdy fence around your property, this material should be of great service to you.

For starters, steel mesh can be used as a barricade or security fence.  Surrounding the perimeter with wire mesh as a fence or barricade can help workers and other personnel stay safe and secure, and to prevent civilians as well as intruders from wandering into the construction site.

Wire mesh can also ensure the safety of workers, as well as for the safety of the various heavy equipment that’s used in construction sites. This way, you can ensure that your expensive heavy equipment like cranes, bulldozers, road rollers and more are safe from theft and damage.  Apart from securing workers and equipment, steel mesh can also be used to partition certain areas for vehicles, sanitation areas and whatever purpose.

Third, steel mesh can also be used for reinforcing concrete. In fact, this material can increase and enhance the strength of concrete structures like slabs, columns and concrete roadways. The material acts as a heavy-duty core which helps strengthen structural integrity.

This material is also used when it comes to pouring concrete. It can also be used for reinforcing concrete structures when building airport runways, house floor to wall, coal mine tunnels and more.

In agriculture, steel mesh is also used for crop protection, to patch up a fence, and for making compost bins, chicken coops, pest control, livestock barriers, equipment yard perimeters, soil or grain sifting and more.

In oil refineries and fields, steel mesh is the material of choice for use as storage cabinets, oil filtration and other uses. The material is perfect for these locations because the process of refining crude oil involves exposure to harsh chemicals and very high temperatures, which can otherwise cause havoc to other forms of metal.

And, steel mesh is also widely used in the food preparation and processing sectors. For example, high-quality wire baskets are used as placements for food products. Stainless steel wire mesh is also used to produce items like barbecue grills, domed food covers and deep frying baskets.

Stainless steel mesh is also used for the maintenance of roads and highways. For example, construction crews and road-maintenance personnel use wire mesh to bring down traffic congestion, as well as to hold lane closures short.

The material can also be wove into a series of hexagonal meshes, which can be used in layers for integrated pavements. This helps to prevent cracking and surface rutting, as well as reduce crack reflection and asphalt fatigue for brand-new asphalt pavements.

So, now that you know the many uses of steel mesh, I guess you’ll now have a greater appreciation for this low-key yet very reliable construction material. Further innovations in technology would soon lead to newer and better variations of the steel mesh for the benefit of the construction industry (and other sectors), as well as for us humans.