When Divorce Is the Last Resort

When reconciliation is out of the question, couples opt for divorce as the final step to end their marriage. Many circumstances or traits in a personmake people decide not to deal with their partners anymore, eventually seeking a domestic Brisbane divorce lawyer to help with their case. When they believe that they have given everything they have to save their marriage but fail, they finally decide that divorce is the best solution.

If you are wondering where your relationship and marriage are heading, here are some of the common reasons why couples file for a divorce. You may be in a similar situation:


The doom of a relationship starts when one spouse gets their physical or sexual needs from a third party. Extramarital relations are often the cause of the breakdown of marriages, ending in divorce. 

There is no specific reason why a person cheats. A lack of emotional intimacy, differences in sexual appetite, resentment, anger, falling out of love, and wanting variety are common underlying causes for cheating. In general, infidelity begins as an emotional affair and then turns into a physical affair. 

Some people are willing to move past the indiscretion of their spouses for the children and their relationship itself. However, others feel betrayed and could not forgive and forget. In the end, they consult with a domestic lawyer as they proceed with the divorce.

Constant Arguing

It usually begins with a complaintsuch as not doing the dishes or not calling home when it is already late. Then, it can spiral into criticism and pass judgment on personality. Calling someone selfish, insecure, or lazy can be hurtful. Conflicts, clashes, and harsh words will slowly weaken the foundation of the marriage. 

Frequent arguments and shouting matches can signify differences in your personalities and lifestyles. When couples fight about almost anything, they may be releasing tension from bigger underlying frictions. 

If you blameexcessively,shut down,fight dirty, or refuse to talk, the conflicts and hatred can seriously escalate, leading to divorce. 

Financial Disagreements and Incompatibility

Do you always fight over money matters? Do you and your spouse try to solve financial differences and difficulties as peacefully as possible? The hard truth is thatthings can get stressful fast when it comes to money problems. 

How each spouse views and manages money differently can impact the marriage. One spouse may have a bad spending habit, while the other makes sure to save for rainy days. Some people consider their salary as their own money but divide expenses by two. Other couples treat both their money as a joint asset. 

Often, couples do not discuss finances before marriage, which can result in many years of misunderstanding. Without proper communication, problems regarding marital finances can reach a boiling point, ending up in divorce. As they consult with their domestic lawyer, they realize that they are not on the same page in terms of handling their finances. 

Weight Gain

While unusual, a spouse may decide to end the marriage because they are upset about the weight gain of their partner. Some believe that health concerns related to obesity are the reason for their complaint, but many admit that being overweight makes their spouse sexually unattractive. 

From the legal perspective, your domestic lawyer will likely tell you that you do not need any grounds for divorce. In other words, you can divorce your partner for any reason you want, thanks to the no-fault divorce. So, even though many people view deciding to separate just because the other person has gained a few more pounds as unfair and shallow, the reality is, the law allows you to do that. 


A healthy relationship and family life do not have violence in it. Unfortunately, there are many abusive men out there from all walks of life. They may have different jobs or social statuses, but they usually share the same traits, which are being easily angered, possessive, and jealous. 

The two main components of domestic violence are control and threat. This kind of violent behaviour can take in various forms such as:

  • Psychological. This includes isolating the victim from family and friends, making unreasonable demands, intimidation, and controlling where the victim goes. 
  • Physical. This usually involves kicking, pushing, beating,hitting, slapping, and other violent actions. In the majority of cases, physical abuse gets more severe and frequent over time. 
  • Emotional.This includes constant criticism,name-calling, insults, and undermining the self-esteem of the victim. 
  • Sexual.The abuser tends to force the other person in performing sexual acts. 
  • Economic. This includes forcing the victim to work,preventing the victim from working, making all the financial decisions, limiting access to family income, or destroying the property of the victim.

Why Hire Family Law Attorney When Seeking a Divorce

With a divorce, you may attempt to proceed with it by yourself using only the information you get from a website or a book and use documents provided by the court. Although it may be acceptable in certain circumstances, you should seriously consider hiring a domestic lawyer to represent you. 

Having the right attorney on your side is an invaluable resource, particularly if your marriage has some complicated issues to address. For example, child support and custody issues,substantial debts, income, assets, inheritance, etc. Hiring a divorce attorney can protect your best interests during a divorce. In addition, the legal documents presented to the court will accurately indicate your wishes.

Family law and the legal system are complex enough as they are. If you combine it with the stress of the divorce, it would be no surprise if you cannot think clearly throughout the entire process. You cannot afford to make mistakes during this time, as this can cause financial harm. 

Also, if you go to court without a legal counsel and find yourself with problems with paperwork and other problems, this would cause a delay in the ruling of the court. As a result, this also delays the final date of your divorce. 

Therefore, let a domestic lawyer help you and handle all the legal work. After all, you have more than enough things to think about when getting divorced.