When Should You Choose PWA for your eCommerce business?

Are you wondering how to create a mobile application? Have a confusion between native or PWAs? New mobile app technology is gaining more traction in businesses over the past few years. Guess it. You might know the answer. No? 

The short answer is Progressive Web Apps (PWA), introduced by Google in 2015. According to the Uplandsoftware annual app retention rate report, 21% of mobile app users abandon an app after one use.  We are sure you don’t want your app users to leave the app after one use. With dedicated research and study, we have found one way that can help you to increase your app users’ retention. That is Magento PWA development.

So, you also might want to know more about the PWA and its benefits. In this blog post, you will learn the following topics.

  • Why should you choose progressive web apps?
  • What are the benefits of using progressive web apps?
  • What is the mobile experience of progressive web apps?
  • What is the development cost of progressive web apps?

Let’s start learning.

What is Progressive Web App?

You’ve probably an idea of a native mobile application. A native mobile application runs only on a mobile phone, and users download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

On the other side, progressive web applications are web applications built with web technologies. The advantage is these PWAs are applications that work well on the mobile and web browsers without any issues with functionality and user interface. The AliExpress application is built as a progressive web application. With the new progressive web application, AliExpress increases its conversion rate of new users by 104%. 

Let’s see the reasons to create progressive web apps.

Why Should You Choose Progressive Web Apps?

You have used a mobile application in your life, and you get a smooth and seamless experience. On the other hand, it is quite difficult to provide that lucrative interface of a web application. 

Basically, business owners build mobile apps to increase the conversion from the websites.  That is true as well. If you have a mobile application, users are more likely to return to your mobile app than the website unless you are a famous brand. 

Now let’s check the following characteristics of progressive web applications.

  • PWA works online as well as online
  • PWA can be installed on an operating system
  • PWA supports the use of push notifications
  • PWA gets access to mobile device hardware features like camera, wifi, location, and storage

You should choose the progressive web application if: 

  • You have limited resources and time to market your application that targets a broader audience
  • You want to improve the conversion rate of your existing eCommerce business
  • You have an eCommerce website and looking to convert it into a web application
  • You want to rank your application on the search engines
  • You are looking for the best cross-platform for your business
  • You want to build an application that offers a fast and better online experience to your users
  • You don’t need to add the complex functionality to your eCommerce application

So, you decide to build a progressive web app with the help of Magento mobile app development company. Then what benefits you’ll have for your business. Let’s see.

What are the Benefits of Progressive Web Applications?

  • Give Boost to Your Conversion Rate

Building a progressive web application for your eCommerce business helps increase your conversion rate. AliExpress, Alibaba, and Housing are a few apps that built a new progressive web app that increases the conversion rate.

  • Target a Wide Audience for Your Business

PWAs allow you to increase the market reach because it is not restricted to any operating system. The progressive web apps work everywhere. This single application for your business satisfies different platform consumers’ needs and provides a seamless experience. This type of application the same time supports and works well on each platform

  • Provide Offline Access to Your Users

If you have a website for your business, then users can only access it if they are connected to the internet. On the other side, PWAs allow users to access your application without any internet connectivity.

This is possible because the application’s built-in service workers cache the features and information of PWA automatically. That’s why it eliminates the necessity to download it and works well without the internet.

  • Add Push Notification Functionality

PWAs are similar to native applications, so PWAs can access device-specific functionality like camera, hardware, and push notifications. The functionality of push notifications can work as an advantage for your business by performing advertising via content.

Push notifications are really important for your PWAs. Because with push notifications businesses can send notifications, and it significantly increases the opportunity for promoting your business services or products.

  • Get Improved Security 

PWAs work on HTTPS, so it becomes less risky for security issues. That reduces the chances of content tampering and snooping. Additionally, these PWAs are accessible via web browsers, so you get benefits from all the modern security features built-in in the web browsers.

  • Low Cost of Development

A single PWA application is fully functional to work on all different platforms. Developers do not need to build a particular application for different platforms such as Android, iOS, and the web. With the single-code base, an application can work on the web as well as on a mobile phone. 

Therefore, it reduces the number of developers who need to put into developing a single app for different platforms. As a result, the cost of developing PWAs is less compared to native applications. It is seen that the development of PWA is three to four times lower than a native mobile application. You can use a progressive web app builder to create your eCommerce mobile application.

What is the Experience of Progressive Web Apps?

Do you know why Google introduced new technology – progressive web applications? 

There are three core reasons behind the invention of progressive web applications.

  • The application’s shell should cached offline 
  • Service works that allow developers to handle functionalities like Push notifications
  • Make it possible to install as PWA from the browser and provides a native-like app feel

According to a study, people found PWA is more smooth to use and would prefer to use PWA over native applications.

To provide a combined experience of web and mobile, progressive web apps were introduced. So, if you want to provide the same experience to your users, then PWAs are best for your business.

In the next section, let’s check the approximate cost to develop a progressive web application.

What is the Development Cost to Create a Progressive Web Application?

The average cost to create a custom progressive web app range between $10,000 to $30,000. 

Moreover, cost varies depending on several factors like Magento mobile app developers, functionalities, features, and design of your progressive web application. 

If you want to make a complex app idea, it might cost you more as it increases hours of your progressive web app development. So, to know the exact cost, hire Magento developers. They will provide a complete quote depending on your requirements.


Let’s recap what we have learned in this blog so it becomes easy to take a step toward developing your own eCommerce progressive web application.

So far, you have learned about why choose a progressive web application instead of a native app. After that, the benefits of progressive web applications. Then about its mobile experience and cost of developing.

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