Fintech Startup “Able” Raises $3.2M Seed Round To Power The New Creator Economy Of Independent Creators, Freelance Warriors, Ecommerce Pros, Digital Nomads, And Artists Of All Kinds

A number of other investors comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs and content creators also participated, including founding COO of Robinhood Nathan Rodland, YouTube co-founder and former CEO Chad Hurley, Twitch co-founder and former COO Kevin Lin, YouTube superstars Evan Fong (VanossGaming), Phil DeFranco, Casey Neistat, Arif Lopez (Azzerz), plus TikTok sensation Kris Collins (Kallmekris). Combined, the group of 30+ creator investors have more than 200 million followers.

Launching as a mobile app, Able is a central hub for independent workers to manage the entirety of their uniquely complex financial lives, providing the benefits of traditional employment while unlocking the freedom and flexibility of freelance work through a simple and elegant user experience. Founded by Vince Cortese and Angelo Pullen, Able was created in 2019 after the pair exited their roles as CFO and CEO/Co-Founder of an LA-based influencer-driven entertainment company.

“We raised pre-seed funding in 2020 and spent the year, mid-pandemic, building a highly scalable and secure product,” explains CEO Cortese. “We set out with a goal of creating a product our users love enough to share, and when we decided to raise capital and chose Elefund to lead the round, we were excited that they loved it enough to not only share it but to invest in it as well.”

“Those who hone their craft, pursue their passion, and chase their dreams are shaping the future of work, but the current financial system views them as a risk, and the current rules and regulations make their lives needlessly complex,” says Cortese. “As a CPA dealing directly with independent creators and workers of all kinds, I have seen how managing money, getting paid, dealing with taxes, and accessing other financial products like credit and loans are all harder for independent workers. It’s time to change that.”

“Our purpose is not only to build the most effective tools to empower independent workers to manage their finances more simply, but also to celebrate those who choose to live a life without limitations,” says Pullen. “We are excited about this new generation of creators, makers, and freelancers, and those who believe freedom and security are one and the same. We love the idea of individuals choosing freedom in work, and we are committed to ensuring those individuals who pursue their passions are able to do so successfully.”

“We are looking to make a genuine impact on the financial lives of current and future generations of independent workers worldwide, without bias. Especially for historically disenfranchised demographics, we have built a tool that can help people better manage their income and significantly improve their financial literacy. Our goal with Able is to improve independent workers’ financial lives with the simplicity of text messaging.”

“Elefund has been investing in Vince and Angelo since the early days of Able, and we’re thrilled to have led their seed round.” said Nathan Rodland, founding COO of Robinhood, and Elefund General Partner. “The fact that some of the most impressive, successful creators have joined to invest in Able is proof that the founders have already built a trusted brand that’s doing something incredibly valuable for independent workers. Able is truly the right brand at the right time for the future of work.”

About Able
Able is the first income management platform built for the creator economy and  independent workers of all kinds. Our sole purpose is to build the most effective tools to empower the creative and freelance workforce to better manage their finances, and we are committed to building elegant and simple tools that solve complex problems. The company is based in San Jose and has an office in LA. For more information visit

Media Contact: Shelby Aranbasich[email protected]


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