Green Consumerism – The Way to Effectively Differentiate Your Products in Asia-Pacific Market

In today’s complex world, differentiating products on the basis of function or quality is becoming a more and more difficult job for marketers. A relevant and compelling way to differentiate in today’s world is with an environmentally friendly stand, this helps us better position the brand and the products globally but particularly in the Asia-Pacific market.

In developed countries, price and quality remain the most important factors for consumers when choosing between products from different brands. However, for emerging markets in Asia-Pacific, “environmentally friendly” is becoming a more and more influential factor and green consumerism has become a growing trend there.

It is generally accepted that consumers in developed countries have larger understanding of the environmental issues than those in developing countries. However, surprisingly, consumers from emerging markets in Asia-Pacific actually place more importance on environmental protection. Revealed in the market research report “Profiting From Consumer Mega-Trends in Asia Pacific: Connectivity” from Marketsensus, over 90% of consumers in China consider protecting the environment important or very important while only 70% of those in Japan do so.

These green consumers in developing countries exhibit the most willingness to support green consumerism compared to other Asia-Pacific countries. Chinese and Indian consumers are proactive about seeking out green products, whereas Australian, Japanese and Korean consumers are the least proactive. Most importantly, consumers from emerging markets in the region are more willing to pay more for green products. Nearly 95% of Thai consumers and over 80% of Malaysian and Korean consumers are willing to pay more, yet less than 60% of consumers from other Asia-Pacific markets such as Hong Kong and Australia exhibit willingness to pay more.

Green consumerism is becoming an integral part of Asia-Pacific consumer’s purchasing behavior. How do we as marketers make us of this trend to better market our products? The market research “Profiting from Consumer Mega-Trends in Asia Pacific: Connectivity” revealed insightful trends of consumers in Asia-Pacific.

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