How important are pet beds. What pet owners need to know?

Pet beds can be very simple, elaborately fancy, and expensive or homemade, including everything in between. So how do pet owners carefully pick the right pet beds Australia for their beloved pets with so many readily available on the market? Do pet owners need to expend a precious lot of necessary money when their beloved pets remain comfortably and completely happy lying around on the plush couch, the rug, or even the bed? These are merely some of the questions pet owners need to ask themselves before carefully considering any pet beds.

Do our pets need pet beds?

Even if pets are allowed to sleep anywhere in a pet owner’s home, every pet should have a pet bed of their own, preferably two or three, in different parts of a house. There are plenty of benefits for pets having their very own pet beds as they can sleep or nap at any time of the day or night whenever they want.

Unlike a bare floor or rug, pert beds will always keep pets warm and comfortable, support the arthritic joints of more mature pets, and prevent calluses on their pressure points. And unlike the couch or human bed, pet beds are the perfect place for young pets to have all for themselves whether it is for short naps, sleeping, or just playing around. 

Another advantage of having multiple pet beds around a home is when a pet owner is allergic to their pet’s fur and it is best to have pet beds for their pets instead of having their pets lounge or sleep on their beds or couch.

Pet beds are also advantageous for pet owners that like to take their pets when they travel as it makes their pets feel comfortable in new surroundings and allows them to nap or sleep on something familiar to them which make pets rest easier and with less anxiety. 

Pet beds are also easily washable which makes them easy to clean and convenient when traveling. Pet beds are a pet’s special place where they always feel safe and relaxed without feeling anxious. All pets benefit greatly from having pet beds of their own where they can feel calm after a day of activity.

What kinds of pet beds are there for pet owners?

With so many pet beds available in the market, pet owners can easily choose the pet beds that are as simple as a pillow or as expensive with a canopy and a bed frame. It all depends on the taste and budget of a pet owner. To save money, pet owners should initially observe their pets where they feel comfortable at home as this can help them decide and choose which pet beds are best for their pets.

The basic forms of pet beds available in the market.

  • Flat and padded matting– the most inexpensive and can be easily cleaned, relocated around a home, or rolled up for traveling. 
  • Snuggle pet beds– also called “nesting” pet beds. These pet beds are ideal for smaller pets that love to lounge or curl up and generally come in an oval bowl shape.
  • Pet beds with bolsters– these have one long side with a built-in pillow or any thick padding and are generally preferred for large pets.
  • The “donut” pet beds– these beds are circular-shaped pet beds with bolsters and come with a removable center pillow.
  • Outdoor pet beds– these pet beds are ideal for outdoor use as they are water-proof, easily-dries, and are easy to clean when soiled. Being water-proof the outdoor pet beds are also ideal for older incontinent pets.

However, the cheapest pet beds are the homemade and do-it-yourself types. Very inexpensive and easy to dress up, and with plenty of online instructional videos on how to make them, these pet beds have unlimited potential for pet owners that prefer to make their own.

Other special pet beds.

  • Orthopedic pet beds– ideal for older pets with joint problems and other mobility issues. Generally made with the highest-quality medical-grade foam padding or stainless-steel box-spring construction for long-term durability.
  • Heated pet beds– these pet beds are designed to retain the body heat of pets and are ideal for pets that get cold easily or with arthritis problems that can worsen during the colder months.
  • Elevated or cot-style pet beds– these pet beds are designed to be off the floor or ground and comfortably support their joints by evenly distributing a pet’s weight.

Some basic factors to consider when choosing pet beds.

  • It must fit the size and weight of a pet- aside from considering pet beds that are within budget, pet owners should also make certain that the pet beds they are considering allow a pet to comfortable fit in it and with enough space for it to stretch when lounging or sleeping without their limbs hanging off its edges.
  • It must be easily washable- some pets can be messy when it comes to their habits and the pet beds being considered must be easily washable.  
  • It must be safe– the pet beds being considered should be made from all-natural materials as much as possible and with very minimal chemicals used in their manufacture.
  • Is it made with or has removable absorbent materials– pet beds should be made from a highly absorbent material. This is critical for old pets that are sick and incontinent.

Choosing the right pet beds is vital to the general long-term well-being of a pet. It properly provides them with their very own private space that is comfortable, positively assuring, gently warm, and soft. Carefully choosing the right pet beds typically allows pets to easily relax and rejuvenate and properly provides them with welcome relief from daily aches and pains. 

With so many pet beds readily available in the market pet owners should willingly undertake their needed research and properly consult with their veterinarian beforehand, which allows them to carefully pick the best pet beds appropriate to their beloved pet’s appropriate age, proper weight, and general health.