Lynn insurance company focuses on human trafficking

The donations received from the month-long drive filled more than 150 “Bags of Hope” for Jasmine Grace Outreach.

Jasmine Grace Outreach helps individuals break free from drug addiction and sexual

exploitation by offering addiction support, exit strategies, recovery groups, mentoring and coaching, and provides other outreach programs to bring awareness to this issue.

Noreen Maggio, who works at Duffy and sits on the board of Jasmine Grace Outreach, took the lead on this partnership to raise awareness after seeing the powerful impact the organization has had on survivors of exploitation. 

“A simple gesture of care can be a light in the dark for these women,” Maggio said. “Jasmine Grace Outreach has shown many women the way. They meet these women where they are, without judgment and with lots of love and support (for) them through the process.” 

President of Duffy Insurance Agency Marc Duffy said that by following Maggio’s lead, the employees, customers and insurance company partners have displayed “overwhelming generosity to help support Jasmine Grace Outreach and their mission.” 

“It was really eye opening to learn the extent with which some women in our local communities are being exploited,” Duffy said. 

With the bag of hope, women who are living on the streets or in programs throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire are given bags filled with basic items that people sometimes take for granted every day. 

Founder of Jasmine Grace Outreach Jasmine Marino said having the support of the local community and businesses is critical to grassroots organizations like hers.  

“When we collaborate with local businesses and organizations like Duffy Insurance, it helps to bring awareness to the issue and has a direct impact on the women we work with,” Marino said. “It takes the entire community working together, taking a stand against exploitation, to give these vulnerable women a chance at recovery and freedom.” 

Jasmine Grace Outreach’s recovery-support groups empower women, help them self-identity as victims, and support them as they start their journey toward self-discovery and healing.

In collaboration with programs serving women affected by trafficking, prostitution, addiction and homelessness, the Bags of Hope initiative is driven by the community.

Many different groups of people donate the items, fill the bags, and assist in delivering them. 

Through this, Jasmine Grace Outreach said it lets the women know there is a better way and that they are treasured, loved by Jesus, and have support.