No-fault repeal legislation could significantly increase auto insurance for Florida drivers

Westbound traffic on I-10 as seen from the Chaires Cross Road overpass Friday.

Last year, Gov. Ron DeSantis took action to protect Florida drivers from substantial auto insurance cost increases by vetoing legislation that would have repealed Florida’s no-fault auto insurance system without implementing needed legal reforms.

Floridians are grateful for the leadership he showed on this issue, his commitment to stand up for the best interests of our state’s drivers, and his efforts to protect their hard-earned money. 

However, this session, substantially similar legislation is again being considered in the Florida House and Senate. Once again, these bills could result in significant increases in auto insurance costs, especially for those who can least afford it.

An independent analysis conducted by Pinnacle Resources of Senate Bill 150 and House Bill 1525 found that the proposals could cause auto insurance costs to skyrocket between 48% and 77%  for drivers who purchase minimum limits. In Florida, that is approximately 40% of drivers.