Tips On Becoming A Childcare Worker

What Does A Childcare Worker Do?

Childcare workers have specific responsibilities and duties, which will depend on the setting.

For example, an early year’s playworker has the role of creating engaging environments that will allow children to learn through imaginative play and safe activities, with the aim of developing the child’s social skills.

Regardless of their titles, individuals that work with kids have a responsibility when it comes to their development and progression. They are required to adhere to specific educational frameworks and to comply with legislation and childcare laws.

What Type Of Childcare Jobs Are There?

The Cardiff and Vale College gave a report on the EMSI’s predictions, that by 2025 there will be 111,000 jobs relating to childcare in Cardiff alone.

This is an expanding sector for the would-be childcare workers, and there are many opportunities for individuals to specialise in specific environments and vocations.

Childcare vocation types:

  • Nursery Officer
  • Nursery Assistant
  • Nursery Worker
  • Early Years Educator
  • Playgroup Assistant
  • Pre-School Assistant
  • Nanny
  • Childcare Worker
  • Childminder

There are several other positions that also relate to childcare settings. There is often a crossover when it comes to responsibilities and duties, which means a person is able to gain experience and then change the direction of their career in the future.

Childcare workers usually operate in:

  • Sessional Care
  • Nurseries
  • Schools
  • Creche
  • Public and Private Healthcare Settings, such as Doctor’s Surgeries and Hospitals
  • Private Residences and Residential Homes
  • Playgroups

To work in these settings, the person needs to have a passion or be dedicated to developing children’s abilities and to be aware that everything they are doing should be focused on positively impacting the lives of children. People who employ childcare workers should also consider other important things such as nanny payroll.

How To Start Working In Childcare

The way to start pursuing a career path in childcare usually involves:

  • An education or childcare course achieved in the sixth form or at a college
  • Volunteering or work experience in childcare settings
  • Childcare apprenticeships which involve learning and working simultaneously
  • Directly applying to a specific childcare setting in the role of a trainee

But the avenue into childcare will also depend on the childcare worker types the person wants to become and where they reside in the UK.

For instance, the experience that is required for working in a children’s residential care, a nursery, or children’s social care roles varies between Wales and England.

But regardless of where the person works or lives if they want to start working with children directly, they have to be qualified and DBS checked in order to do so.

Equivalent qualifications or the relevant work experience can do away with the requirement for a specific qualification, but this will depend on the role and the setting.

Average Salaries Of Childcare Workers And Childcare Jobs

The spectrum of childcare jobs and roles in Wales is large. Careers Wales has a large career list for people to explore, which also indicates how in-demand certain roles are, salary expectations, and a bit of information about the responsibilities and duties.

After researching the childcare jobs that were the most popular on June 24, 2021, to compare salary expectations and hours for more experienced and entry-level workers, we found the following:

  • Job Title: Childminder
    Setting: Private Homes
    Hours: This varies, but the typical average is up to 38 hours in a week
    Salary: £23,500 experienced, £15,500 starting
  • Job Title: Childcare Support Worker/ Care Assistant
    Setting: Special Schools, Day Centres, and Residential Homes
    Hours: 37.5 hours
    Salary: £20,000 experienced, £15,000 starting
  • Job Title: Nursery Assistant
    Setting: A charity-run, or a private nursery
    Hours: 35 to 40 hours a week
    Salary: £17,500 experienced, £14,500 starting
  • Job Title: Nursery Nurse
    Setting: Childcare environments for children between the ages of 0 and 5.
    Hours: 38 to 40 hours in a week
    Salary: £17,000 experienced, £14,000 starting
  • Job Title: Nursery Assistant/ Nursery Worker
    Setting: Creche, Nurseries, planning educational and fun activities
    Hours: 35 to 40 hours a week
    Salary: £17,500 experienced, £14,500 starting
  • Job Title: Nursery School Teacher/ Primary Schools and Nurseries
    Settings: Primary Schools and Nurseries, with kids between the ages of 3 to 7 years old
    Hours: 33 hours a week
    Salary: £40,490 experienced, £17,682 starting