4 Innovative Ways To Use QR Codes for Travel

As one of the hardest-hit sectors in the pandemic, the travel industry found themselves innovating quickly to start their recovery. One of the best ways they can improve is through QR codes for travel.

From entering the country to exploring famous landmarks, the possibilities of using QR codes for travel are endless. With an advanced QR code generator online, implementing these codes to encourage travel has become so much easier.

Take a look at the most innovative ways to do it.

AR for a more realistic experience

Seeing famous spots like the Louvre or Eiffel Tower is an experience in itself, but this can get even better with Augmented Reality (AR). To motivate tourists to use this feature, placing these QR codes where they’re easy to see, such as at the entrance or columns, increases the chance of people scanning these codes.

These QR codes can either lead to a one-time experiential AR or an app that tourists need to download before accessing the AR.

Introduce video tourism campaigns

The flock of tourists is a great opportunity to boost engagement with your tourism campaign. On top of printed campaign materials, email and social media, and banners, redirecting them to your video tourism campaigns through on-site QR codes can also be effective.

The local tourism council or the tourism department has to simply coordinate with these landmarks to place these QR codes in convenience areas. This ensures a boost in engagement across all channels, including the digital space.

Promote conservation efforts in natural sites

While the city always hosts several cultural landmarks, the countryside has an even wider expanse of nature. The catch is, these natural sites can be gone soon, with the worsening conditions of global warming and climate change.

To advocate conservation for these sites, QR codes can be a very beneficial tool. This leads tourists to pages where they can donate or join conservation efforts from local organizations.

Updating the information on the QR code is also easy by generating dynamic QR codes through an advanced QR code generator online.

Easter egg QR codes amid busy places

Even if they’re not one of the famous sites, every location has a rich history. For example, the store is the oldest in the neighborhood, or the road underneath hides an ancient river. While promoting them as the main tourist attraction can be a bit too much, it’s such a missed opportunity if people aren’t aware of these stories.

Placing QR codes on these sites serves as an easter egg for tourists just simply exploring a new location. You can redirect them to a video QR code or a PDF file, sharing the local perspective on an interesting site.

Know more about the versatile tech of QR codes

There is so much more that you can do, aside from using QR codes for travel. You can use them for marketing different products and services, gathering feedback and reviews from people, and many more.

Make sure you’re subscribed to a reliable QR code generator software as QRTIGER to make the most of these versatile squares.