Mobile SEO: What are the Benefits?

Considering that over half (52%) of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices, website owners should optimise their websites for mobile devices to attract mobile visitors.

Search engine optimisation for mobile devices (SEO) is essential if you don’t want to miss out on traffic. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly, optimise your content for voice search, and make sure your site is organised and lightning fast to make your site mobile-friendly. When you choose an SEO company, make sure to select one that could help you do this.

Mobile optimisation: why is it important?

With so many people searching from mobile devices, Google now shows mobile versions of websites within the search results. Your website might miss out on a good chunk of traffic if it isn’t optimised for mobile.

Having a mobile-friendly version of your website, which includes accounting basics, is practically a necessity if you want to rank at the top of Google’s search results as it has been indicated that Google prioritises websites based on their mobile performance. If you want organic traffic, you need mobile SEO, regardless of whether you have a simple portfolio site or a large e-commerce site.

Mobile-optimised sites have the following characteristics:

  • Easy to load on smartphones and tablets
  • Loading is fast
  • There will be no pop-ups on mobile devices
  • On small devices, the font should be large enough to be read
  • An easy-to-use navigation system
  • An easy-to-use format that is well structured
  • Displayed according to screen size (no vertical or horizontal scrolling required)
  • Even small screens can be used to fill out contact forms
  • Easy-to-see and functional call-to-action buttons

Mobile SEO benefits

Mobile SEO offers more benefits than simply generating more traffic from mobile searches; it improves your visitors’ overall experience. When users navigate your site on a small screen, this boosts conversions and keeps them engaged.

Implementing mobile SEO on your website can provide you with the following benefits.

Loads Website Quickly

Site speed is already an important ranking factor for Google, regardless of whether users search from a desktop or mobile device. Your site should load in under three seconds (preferably under two). You risk losing users if you don’t take action.

Mobile SEO involves optimising your site for both search engines and users. You can encourage users to stay on your website by making it load quickly.

Improves User Experience

By optimising your website for mobile devices, visitors will be able to navigate your website more easily. Users can find your site frustrating if they have to zoom in to read the text, can’t click on buttons, or otherwise have difficulties finding information.

You shouldn’t create this type of experience for your visitors. Improve user experience and satisfaction by investing in mobile SEO. Visitors who are happy become clients and customers who are happy!

Decreases Website Bounce Rate

You might lose users if your website is difficult to use. Bounces occur when a user leaves your site without visiting a second page. It indicates that users had difficulty navigating your site or couldn’t find what they were looking for.

The goal of mobile SEO is to reduce bounce rates and to keep users on your site for longer – in order to convert them into customers, clients, or subscribers.

Responsive on All Types of Devices

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test allows you to check your website’s mobile responsiveness on different devices. You will receive a score based on how mobile-friendly your site is after taking this test. By using this information, you can optimise your site and make it easier for users to navigate, regardless of their device.

Optimised for Voice Search

The use of voice search tools such as “Ok, Google!” and Siri allows users to search hands-free on-the-go. Your website can be optimised for voice search terms like “Italian restaurant near me” or “How much does an elephant weigh?” to get ranked for those terms.

When users don’t scroll through search results, voice search optimisation can generate some additional traffic. Users might visit other pages on your site after the voice assistant brings up your brand.

Improves Mobile Conversions

With a mobile-friendly website, you make it easier for users to click on your call-to-action buttons, fill out a form, or dial your phone number. It’s important to make your mobile site conversion-friendly if you want visitors to become customers.