County Sees 2 Business Sales Top $1M In Late February | News, Sports, Jobs

Chautauqua County had two business property sales in late February that topped $1 million.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER have been analyzing property sales in Chautauqua County and looked at the transactions that took place from Feb. 14-28.

During that period, PMT Group Inc. of Bridgeport, Conn., formerly known as The Producto Machine Company, sold 2980 Turner Road, Ellicott to Juniper Ring Acquisitions, LLC of Closter, N.J. for $1,340,000. That is the location of Ring Precision Components.

During that same two weeks, Camelot Golf, Inc. of Mayville sold 5621 East Lake Road and 5710 East Lake Road, Dewittville to Chautauqua Lake Development, LLC of Springville for $1,010,000. That is the address of Chautauqua Point Golf Course.

Chautauqua Town Supervisor Don Emhardt said Chautauqua Point is not open but it was open in 2021. He said he and the code enforcement officer have met the new owner and the individual has discussed plans for the property. Emhardt declined to give specifics of their conversation, since nothing shared was official.

From Feb. 14-28 there were 105 real estate transactions, excluding sales of $1 or less. Of the 105 sales, 15 were between $250,000 and $1 million. Those sales, starting with the highest, were as follows:

6199 Lookout Ave., Dewittivlle sold for $975,000;

6181 Terrace Ave., Dewittville sold for $775,000;

5477 Scandia Drive, Ellery to Myron sold for $479,500;

113 E. James St., Falconer sold for $453,000;

3501 Lake St., Ellicott sold for $402,000;

7578 Martin Wright Road, Westfield sold for $365,000;

1190 West Hill Road, Ellington sold for $320,000;

3316 Highland Ave., Ashville sold for $439,000;

6645 S. Portage Road, Westfield sold for $337,800;

73 S. Portage St., Westfield sold for $330,000.

4976 W. Lake Road, Dunkirk sold for $285,000;

1536 Boutwell Hill Road, Cherry Creek sold for $269,000;

An unspecified address on Thum Road, Ellery sold for $268,800;

2942 Bentley Ave., Ellicott sold for $259,000;

An unspecified address on Pleasantview Drive, Jamestown sold for $256,000.

The complete list of sales during that time period is as follows:

FEB 14-18

The Estate of Thomas A. Elliott sold 5051 Thornton Road, Ellington to James Lundsten for $30,000.

The Estate of Thomas A. Elliott sold 5049 Thornton Road, Ellington to JDL Machine, LLC of Ellington for $90,000.

Roy and Sally Ferguson sold 175 East Virginia Blvd., Jamestown to Debra Peirce for $173,548.

Kirk and Amanda Ayers sold 113 Prospect St., Sherman to Dylan Pratt and Emma Wiggers for $72,000.

Royal Housing LLC sold 13 North Dow St., Ellicott to Natashia Tuttle for $47,500.

Diane Riddle and David Riddle sold 20 Carol Ave., Fredonia to Michael and Billie Riddle for $50,000.

Bedford Property Consultants LLC of Westfield sold 73 S. Portage St., Westfield to Albert and Cara Lowe for $330,000.

Norma Coleman sold 1007 N. Main St., Jamestown to Michael Cardoza for $34,000.

Carl and Betty Caputo sold 38 Shore Dr., Westfield to Cash Glu, LLC of Monaca, Pa. For $152,500.

Camelot Golf, Inc. of Mayville sold 5621 East Lake Road and 5710 East Lake Road, town of Chautauqua to Chautauqua Lake Development, LLC of Springville for $1,010,000.

Corey Brown, Brian Brown, Darin Brown, Vance Brown, Marla Brown and Kyle Brown sold 1190 West Hill Road, Ellington for $320,000.

Peter and Barbara Bumsted sold 41 Royal Ave., Jamestown to Joelle Spencer for $125,000.

Referee Stephen Harwood sold 1487 Foote Ave. Ext., in Kiantone to M&T Bank for $172,998. The foreclosure mortgage was $75,408.

Referee Eric Somerset sold 74 McDaniel Ave., Jamestown to Wells Fargo Bank, NA for $100,018. The foreclosure mortgage was $52,408.

Mark and Lucinda Cybart sold property on Center Road, Sheridan to Richard and Tammie Walker for $65,000.

Jennifer Gassman sold 1536 Boutwell Hill Road, Cherry Creek to Jason Smith for $269,000.

The trustee of the Clifford R. Simms Trust sold 6181 Terrace Ave., Chautauqua town to Richard and Malady for $775,000.

Santo Inserra sold 317 Palmer St., Jamestown to Shane and Morgan Allen for $84,694.

Hill Family Resources LLC of North East, Pa. sold property on Creamery Road, Westfield to Chad and Kristyen Rendel for $20,000.

Donald and Linda Schmac sold 5477 Scandia Drive, Ellery to Myron and Larissa Prawak for $479,500.

TNE Associates LLC of Brewster, NY sold 284 Prospect St., Jamestown to Wein Realty LLC of Lakewood, N.J. for $65,000.

Joseph Salva and Valerie Albert sold 6199 Lookout Ave., Chautauqua town to Mark and Caroline McClendon for $975,000.

Anthony and Robin Gugino sold 10060 Green Hills Drive, Portland to Julie Hawthorne for $165,000.

Trustee for Pegasus Financial Trust sold 74 Lovall Ave., Jamestown to Tammy Knight Crough, Shannon Avery and Della Hough for $62,000.

The Kiantone Fire Department Inc. sold 558 Kiantone Road, Kiantone to Kevin Capp for $34,900.

Ronald and Sally Catalano sold 26 Crandall St., Westfield to Ryan Finn and Alex Weissinger for $167,000.

Andrew Cross sold 438 Bucknor St., Dunkirk to Carlos Brunet for $70,000.

Jarrod Johnson and Jason Johnson sold 126 Stowe St., Jamestown to Stewartprice, LLC of Poughkeepsie, NY for $65,000.

BCWPEW, LLC of Jamestown sold 608 and 612 N. Main St. and 611, 615, and 617 Pine St., Jamestown to Lakewood Atlantic Realty Inc. of Lakewood for $10,000.

Duane Wilcox sold 12 Water St., Frewsburg to Philip and Mary McChesney for $87,500.

Rosalie Risley, Lynn Drennen and Josephine Pierce sold 282 Chestnut St., Fredonia to Robert and Benedetta Smith for $182,500.

Neal and Cynthia Mechling sold 3501 Lake St., Ellicott to Richard and Elisabeth Wilson for $402,000.

The estate of Thomas L. Snow sold 1840 South Maple Ave., Busti to Sandra Spachtholz for $139,900.

Andrew Dufresne sold 3965 S. Harold Ave., Ellery to Laura and Christopher Wowk for $180,000.

FEB. 22-25

Stanely Lubkowski and Thomas Gambino sold 5 Birchwood Drive, Fredonia to Lisa Mackowiak for $192,000.

The city of Dunkirk sold property on Stegelske Avenue, Dunkirk to Atwater Capital, LLC of Delray Beach, Fla. For $27,700.

The executor for Mark G. Walter sold 6503 Barnes Road, Ripley to John and Marlene Cooper for $50,000.

PMT Group Inc. of Bridgeport, Conn. Sold 2980 Turner Road, Ellicott to Juniper Ring Acquisitions, LLC for $1,340,000.

Billile Lou Denk sold 26 W, Third St., Lakewood to Corey Watson for $50,000.

Andre Persaud sold 610 Swan St., Dunkirk to Barbara Hajduk for $125,000.

The estate of mark Walter sold property on Barnes Road, Ripley to Marvin and Lora Hutchinson for $40,000.

Sylvia Fiorello sold property on Thum Road, Ellery to GL Olson, Inc. of Dewittville for $268,800

Louis and Kathryn Iannelli sold 144 Euclid Ave., Jamestown to Matthew Grandinetti and Ashley Kuzminski for $49,900.

Richard and Terry Debacco sold 1 St. Elmo Unit #314 Pratt Avenue, Chautauqua Institution to HK Chautauqua LLC of Cortlandt Manor, NY for $172,500.

Ripley Property LLC of Salisbury Mills, NY sold property on West Lake Road, Ripley to GAD Acquisitions LLC of Salisbury Mills for $40,000.

Patrick and Jennifer Reagan sold 3316 Highland Ave., North Harmony to 3316 Highland LLC of Aurora, Ohio for $439,000.

Salam Development Corp. of Pittsburgh, Pa. sold property on Route 394, North Harmony to Stephen and Amy Flaherty for $39,900.

Audrey Schafer sold 10860 Temple Road, Dunkirk to Jordan and Khloud Smoczynski for $149,000.

Richard and Susan Mackowiak sold 4976 W. Lake Road, Dunkirk to Joseph Bache and Blair Powell for $285,000.

Jeffrey and Mary Alice Petrella sold 234 Nevins St., Dunkirk to Marvin Jay Harvey for $71,300.

Steven Smith sold property on Rt. 62, Poland to Daniel Krenzer for $12,000.

Richard and Angela Nordin sold 4464 Johnson Road, Ellery to Gary and Barbara Thompson for $51,500.

Tiny Monkey Holdings, LLC of Bemus Point sold 62 Chautauqua Ave., Busti to BPT Holdings, LLC of Jamestown for $225,000.

Marvin Jay Harvey sold 9545 Porter Ave., Pomfret to Andrew Scribner for $79,900.

WNY Custom Homes LLC of Dunkirk sold 7578 Martin Wright Road, Westfield to Michael and Adele Harrington for $365,000.

Justin Dix sold 6 Chestnut St., Hanover to Adam Wolfley for $175,500.

Scott Van Stee sold 21 Chambers St., Jamestown to Daniel Miller for $17,575.

The referee for Dennis Hitchens sold 77 Seel Acres, Dunkirk to DAF Land Holdings, LLC of Forestville for $151,000.

Karl R. Schneider Jr. sold 4086 Gallup Lane, Chautauqua to Thomas Angelotta for $120,000.

Todd and Tracy Saracki sold 113 E. James St., Falconer to Matthew and Jennifer Belin for $453,000.

Raymond Conjeski sold 183 Stowe St, Jamestown to Terry Tane Jr. for $74,900.

Lilliam Corraliza sold 150 E. Second St., Dunkirk to Vanessa Davila for $42,000.

Donna Eschrich sold 856 Page Road, Frewsburg to Cody and Tiffany Gobkes for $131,000

The trustee of the Christine L. Buck Supplemental Needs Trust sold 217 Mullet St., Dunkirk to Hector J. Guzman Rivera and Nitza Negron Luna for $79,000

Phoenix House Capital LLC of Tonawanda sold 100 East Doughty St., Dunkirk to Abbotsinch Rental Housing SPV, LLC of Oakland, NJ for $70,000

Gerald Mekus sold 176 King St., Dunkirk to Jhonaffer Torres Rodriguez for $65,000.

The Town of North Harmony sold 3445 Old Bridge Road, Stow to Michael and Barbara Giarrizzo for $118,000.

Merrilyn Buccola sold 11 Meadow St., Frewsburg to Stanley and Gwendolyn Axelson for $115,000.

The First United Methodist Church of Dunkirk sold 20 Lafayette Ave., Dunkirk to Graham M. Tedesco Blair and Katherine A. Szewszuk for $140,000.

The executor for Margo McFaul sold 3633 North Main St. Ext. to Robert Paulino for $16,500.

Roger Vaillancourt, and Claudine and Jeffrey Vaillancourt sold 5266 Stow Ferry Road, North Harmony to Dawn and Randy Whitehill for $30,000.

Elizabeth Morando sold property on Summit Avenue and Bentley Avenue, Lakewood to Paul and Carol Somers for $45,000.

Thomas Fenton sold 563 Ivory Road, Frewsburg to Eli and Katie Yoder for $99,000.

Jack and Connie Thayer sold 44 East Main St., Westfield to Charlotte Fleming for $98,100.

Mark Kepic, Elizabeth Romito and Pamela Trumzo sold 203 Ahrens Ave., Jamestown to Joseph McCarthy for $106,000.

The executor of the estate of Erick Johnson Jr. sold 606 Cherry St., Jamestown to Anupam Multimedia Inc. of Jamestown for $25,000.

Jody Chapman sold 12 Jefford St., Jamestown to Quentin Jensen and Holly Graham for $42,000.

NRZ REO XVIII LLC of Chicago sold 7460 Hardenburg, Westfield to Jeremy and Jozy Casteel for $51,000.

Peacock Lodge No. 696 F+AM of Mayville sold 114 S. Erie St., Mayville to Pender Lake Holdings, LLC of Ashville for $99,000.

David and Bonnie Gray sold 27 White Drive, Frewsburg to Garrett and Brooke Moller for $100,000.

Mark and Shannon Constantino sold 184 Hotchkiss St., Jamestown to Christopher Yochim and Patricia Layman-Yochim for $72,000.

Jane Young sold property on Dinsbier Road, Chautauqua town to David and James Young for $26,000.

Nathaniel Burkholder and David Burkholder sold 3151 Route 76, Sherman to Weaver Logging & Lumber LLC of Panama for $69,000.

Elizabeth Ann Knepshield sold 4640 Damon Hill Road, Gerry to Roger Smith III and Bethany Fowler for $201,294.

Referee for Terri and Selig sold 5821 Colt Road Ext. to Lake Shore Savings Bank for $88,617.

Constantino Rentals LLC of Frewsburg sold 416 Camp St., Jamestown to Laurie Eddy for $92,000.

AJ Property Holdings NJ LLC of Mountain Lakes, NJ sold 641 Foote Ave., Jamestown to Von Volen Holdings LLC of Jamestown for $97,000.

Salam Development Corp. of Pittsburgh, Pa. Sold property on Route 394, North Harmony to James and Sheryl Fatig for $44,950.


Renee Buffa, Kelly Kazmierczak, Jayme Delcamp, and Jean Wdowiasz, sold 36 Mcdonough St., Dunkirk to Brian and Monica Subrink for $70,000.

Glenn and Kelly Zdazenski sold 2133 Mill Creek Road, Charlotte to Thomas and Kristen Lopian for $105,000.

Jerry Pask sold 12 Flagg Ave., Jamestown to Darryl Stohl for $27,000.

Ramona Tussing sold 38 Fairfax Road, Jamestown to Rylea Walden for $65,000

Kimberly Donaldson sold 204 Deer St. Dunkirk to William Krupinski for $35,000.

Kettle & Keg LLC of Tonawanda sold property on Route 5, Dunkirk to Franki R. Property LLC of Dunkirk for $80,000.

Shaun and Brynn Tyszka sold property on Pleasantview Drive, Jamestown to Eric and Joella Liddle for $256,000.

Rafael and Bonnie Szydlo sold 68 Maple Ave., Fredonia to Scott Carpenter for $170,300.

The executor for Richard Wright sold 2942 Bentley Ave., Ellicott to Jane Sparling and Rita Sparling Salazar for $259,000.

Roy and Shelby Daniels sold 106 West Ave., Brocton to Alexander Degolier and Elisa Fuentes for $185,000.

Red Sea LLC of Mayville sold 6645 S. Portage Road, Westfield to Gabriel and Nicole Keller for $337,800.

The estate of Stanley Walters sold 9 West 14th St., Jamestown to Emmanuel Temple Church for $12,000.

David Braasch sold 105 Willow Ave., Jamestown to John and Ann Brantingham for $73,000

Scott Meekins and Kraig Meekins sold 7306 Mill St., Stockton to Anthony Christian for $21,000.

Dorothy Powers sold 5815 Thornton Road, Ellington to Garrett Hodgkin for $74,900.

Joseph Skubis sold 239 Hoyt St., Dunkirk to R. Mackowiak Enterprises, LLC for $60,000.

The referee for William Thorn sold 42 Lakin Ave. Jamestown to Duncan Oleshak for $11,000.

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