Couple plans to anchor business in historic Newcomerstown building

Sam and Evan Kready, along with young Rachel, are ready at the Treasure Trove in Newcomerstown.
The Lydick Building, right, was a part of Main Street in Newcomerstown in this 1908 photo.

Sam and Evan Kready, the current owners of the former Lydick Building in Newcomerstown — in more recent years known as Schrickel Chiropractic — have purchased a property rich in Newcomerstown history.  

The original structure they’ve recently aquired was a wood building that dates to around 1878. Records of the building have not matched up with recorded dates, but that is because the wooden structure burned to the ground in 1906 and was rebuilt in 1907 as a brick structure.

At that time, the location even had two addresses as there were double store fronts. The building now goes only by 223 Main Street.

Prior to Dent Lydick having the brick building reconstructed, the older building was dubbed the Wood Building. Sam and Evan recently opened the Treasure Trove which is a thrift and consignment shop offering similar items to what may have been sold in the Lydick Building over the last 143 years.