The Best Candles Are Made From Soy

As candles fill a home with their nice scents, they can add warmth and impact the atmosphere inside. This is why many people burn candles such as from Ecoya to add a romantic vibe to dinner, to liven up a party, to relax, etc. 

Candles are formulated from different sources. While some are harmful to the environment, some are friendlier to Mother Nature. Soy candles, in particular, come with plenty of benefits, making them a healthy option for those who love candles and like to burn them regularly. 

The advantages of using soy candles include:


Compared to other types of candles, soy candles are made from renewable resources, making them environmentally friendly. For example, classic paraffin wax is non-renewable and typically made from petroleum. When you burn these candles, they emit toxins that are harmful to the environment and your health. 

Soy wax is a type of soybean oil, which is hydrogenated and extracted from soybeans plants, a sustainable and natural resource. This makes soy candles such as from Ecoyathe healthier choice and the safest candles to use. Being biodegradable, it will not harm the environment, humans, and pets. 

Even though all candles release black soot while burning, you will have no problem with soy candles as they burn cleaner and emit less soot. It removes the hassle of dealing with black residue on home furnishings, drapes, and walls. Because soy wax is non-toxic, it is also safe for individuals with allergies and asthma.

Burn Much Longer

Besides having some green advantages, with soy wax, you also get a candle that can last 50% longer. This is because it has a low melting point, which does not burn as fast. In other words, you get more for your money with soy candles than with using traditional paraffin candles. 

While using them, soy candles burn more evenly. This leaves little or no wax on the sides of your glass jar. As a result, you waste less wax as you enjoy more burn time. 

Better Fragrance Scent

One of the reasons why soy candles like the Ecoya candles are increasingly becoming popular is their excellent fragrance. Soy wax does not need any chemical amplifiers, causing them to have a wonderful scent throw. A candle that throws scent well means that it can quickly and easily fill an entire space with its scent. 

A candle that is unlit at room temperature releases a scent that is called cold throw. When it is burning, it releases a hot throw scent. 

One factor that contributes to the fragrance throw in the soy candle is the flashpoint. Before fragrance oil breaks down,it reaches the highest temperature, and this process is called the flashpoint. The flashpoint varies from one fragrance to another. 

Remember that when adding fragrance oil to your soy candle, make sure that it should bond properly with the wax. The wax temperature should be hot enough; otherwise, the fragrance will not bond well. 

Does Not But the Skin

Have you experienced hot wax dripping on your hand or foot? The amazing ambience and aromatherapy will all be futile if you obtain a scalding burn. Since soy wax has a low melting point, soy candles are a safer choice.  

In case you spill melted wax on your skin, there is less risk of getting burnt. Instead, you will only have a safe and luxurious feeling while enjoying the burning scented candle. 

Support Farmers

Soy vegetable wax is derived from soybean oils. The main use of this wax is to produce candles like Ecoya products. Simply put, you are helping farmers when your purchase soy candles. 

Nothing goes to waste when making soy wax, as it is a natural process altogether. After harvesting the soybeans, famers clean, crack, and dehull them. After that, they roll the soybeans into flakes and extract oil from the flakes. Next, the soy oil is hydrogenated. When there are leftover flakes, they are used for animal feed. 

Hydrogenating oil is the conversion of fatty acids from unsaturated to saturated. This causes an increase in the melting point of the oil at room temperature from being a solid. The outcome is a natural product known as soy wax. 

Where to Place Your Soy Candles

In general, you can put your scented candles anywhere you want in your house. However, there are ideal areas that can improve the efficiency of their scent. Here are the best rooms to place and use your soy candles if you want to enjoy an aromatic time with them:

Bedroom. Your bedroomis a place for tranquility and relaxation. Using soy candles can help reflect that peaceful vibe. The unique fragrances of Ecoya candles are a good choice for a calm and pleasant bedroom scent. It can easily help you get into a soothing sleep every night. 

Living room. Your living room provides you with multiple locations to place your soy candles. For example, you can set them at the top of your side table or coffee table. It is important not to put them close to flammable materials to avoid fire. Even if you put them at the top of a table, make sure they are far away from other pieces of furniture. 

Kitchen.Although the sweet and delicious aroma from foods and ingredients in the kitchen is enough to produce fragrance, there are some food smells that can be overpowering. For this, you can use the scented soy candles from Ecoya to eliminate such unpleasant smells. The candles can help your kitchen and home a welcoming aroma. 

Bathroom.This space in your home is a great room for relaxation and to get rid of the stresses of the day. The fragrances from soy candles offer a luxurious time while bathing, as they immerse your senses into bliss and invigoration.

Home office. Soy candles are the perfect accessory to lessen the pressure of the day and look pretty at the same time. Using scented candles helps centre the mind. When your day is always filled with work, deadlines, clients, etc., an innocuous soy candle can definitely make a huge difference.