What are the benefits of Team Building?

As the work environment continues to evolve companies are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of a hybrid work environment where some members of staff work from the office and others are home-based. In this rapidly changing environment team building is becoming a strategic necessity employees need to be connected, no matter where they are based. For more information visit Firebird Events.

The type of team-building activities is also changing. They can today range from online problem solving to face-to-face interactions between employees, some may include cooperative games such as scavenger hunts and many other options. For some employees, this type of team building might be viewed as a welcome break from the day-to-day working environment – but the purpose of these activities ranges from helping to refine workplace skills to encouraging communication and fostering a shared sense of purpose.

The foundation of successful team building is that it should have a clear purpose and objectives. When these are agreed then the organization can reap enormous benefits. Here are only some of them.

Connecting Remote Teams.

By encouraging the building of stronger relationships between members of remote teams the organization can increase productivity, and the retention of new information – and help to boost morale. Team building fosters a sense of common purpose among employees who may not work closely together during the course of normal business hours.

Allowing employees to build closer relationships where they are stationed in different locations can have a positive effect on team performance, especially where the activity is not part of the normal team deliverables. The increase in cooperation can positively affect the business – and have a huge effect on the bottom line as the business evolves. Isolated team members also are brought into the mainstream – and that feeling of ‘connectedness’ is one of the drivers of success.

Positive effect on Motivation

Structured team-building activities have been proven to help motivate employees. They help to build the company culture in a variety of ways. When the team completes a number of team-building activities it provides a forward momentum – and team members feel more positive about their contributions to the success of the organization. They have elevated faith in not only their own abilities – but also in the abilities of the entire team. It also provides them with the sure knowledge that the company is prepared to invest in their development.

Improved Productivity

Continually improving productivity levels is key to the ongoing success of the enterprise. Improving factors that affect the ‘Three P’s’ that contribute to productivity is vital.

Policies Processes Procedures

By fostering a unified sense of purpose – and encouraging teamwork the company also reduces duplication of effort and the entire company benefits by increased levels of efficiency.

Increased Collaborative Effort

Increasing levels of collaboration are one of the major benefits of any team-building program. That collaboration is essential, it allows each employee to leverage the knowledge of others – and know who can provide answers to questions they may not be equipped to handle. It increases levels of trust – and also gives them the information that they need to reach out to the right person. Teambuilding activities help to foster relationships – and build networks of contacts with others who may not be part of their day-to-day working groups.

Encourage Creativity

Creativity and innovation are both essential in today’s hyper-competitive business environment. Both require that employees with different mindsets and expertise work closely together. This allows for the ‘cross-pollination’ of ideas. By engaging in teambuilding exercises that take place outside of their normal business environment employees are free to simply use their imagination, and that leads to the generation of creative solutions. It also sends a clear message: creativity is a valued business commodity — and that working with others is a trait that is encouraged.